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Squash Wales Member – Lisa Thomas – The Guard

15th September 2021

National news

Carmarthen-based Lisa Thomas started her squash journey after she went along to her local club with her two children (12 & 15), acting as their taxi to take them to play squash.

Lisa’s children play for Wales under 13s and under 17s, and her 12-year-old daughter is currently Welsh number one.

They currently play in Cardiff twice a week, practice and play for their local squash team in Carmarthen and play for their local team in Llanelli too. The two also compete in tournaments in England a couple of times month, and as the world of sport reopens, they hope to play in European events in 2022.

After spending so much time driving her children around to play squash, Lisa (42) decided to give it a go herself and hasn’t looked back since.

In the last three years, squash has become a family affair, and Lisa has now become a coach, and a qualified referee, as well as playing squash with her kids.

Visiting the squash courts once a week, Lisa enjoys the many benefits the sport brings, despite considering herself a ‘beginner’. She plays league squash for Carmarthen and referees any league match that she attends with her children. The Carmarthen Juniors, with players ranging from ages 7-16, benefit from Lisa’s coaching every Saturday at Carmarthen Leisure Centre.

“For me, squash is all about being on the court, hitting a ball and meeting lots of different people and having fun. It’s as simple as that.”

“The great thing about squash is you can get someone who’s excellent at playing and a total beginner, and you can still enjoy the sport. It doesn’t matter what level you play at, you can just hit the ball and learn as you go.”

“You get exercise on a small scale, it’s hot so you sweat very easily, and your energy levels go through the roof. Especially for me – I’m a very erratic player, my competitors don’t know where the ball is going to go when you play me because I don’t know where the ball is going to go! That said, I am very committed and serious when I’m playing a match.”

“Being a member of Squash Wales, you get the opportunity to meet lots of likeminded people. From where I come from you get families that travel together, we’ve travelled to England with other families and represent Wales together.”

“If you want to get into squash, just have a go. It’s an affordable way to exercise and socialise. All you need is a racket and a ball, and off you go!”

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