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How To Play Squash

become a squash wizz

Here you’ll find all you need to know about Squash, so you can launch into your new found hobby with a spring in your step.

How To: Squash

Simply, you grab a racket, a ball, a partner and head down to a court to have a laugh and work up a sweat whilst hitting a ball against the wall. Of course there are a few more technicalitilies than that… World Squash Federation have explained how to get started in more detail. Check it out here:

Singles rules

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Doubles rules

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How To: Squash 57

What’s the difference you ask? Not that much, you’re still hitting a ball against a wall – but this time the ball is bouncier. Making for a slower, more recreational game that’s ideal for total beginners or fun for the whole family.

Want more support?

Clubs are great place to get to grips with the game and meet fellow players

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Learn the lingo

There’s nothing to fear heading to a club for the first time, but knowing some of the lingo we’ll be using on the court is a great head start. All used for both Squash and Squash 57.

Serve – player starts a rally by hitting the ball against the front wall

Rally – the exchange of the ball between players

Let – it’s not possible to safely hit the ball, a rally is replayed without a point being won

Stroke – you win the point if your opponent obstructs your swing


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