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9th October 2019

National news

As part of parent in sports, Squash Wales held a workshop with the under 11 and 13 national squad players and parents to discuss the players and parents code of conduct.

Parents in Sport is an annual national campaign that looks to increase positive parental involvement in youth sport and by doing so, improve the experiences of young people across the UK.
This year’s aim is to get parents to make the Sports Parents Promise to encourage their child’s safe enjoyment of sport.
Dates: 7 – 13 October 2019

Ahead of Parents in Sport Week 2019, we’re asking parents to make a promise to their child to make sure they have safe and enjoyable experiences of sport.
This 3-point promise highlights how you can be a great sports parent.

Make the Sports Parents Promise
As a positive sports parent, I make these promises to my child(ren):

  • I promise to make sure the club we choose together is safe and fun
  • I promise to listen to you if you have any concerns about your sport
  • I promise to make sure that I always support you and your teammates in a positive way

‘It’s our game, not yours’
This video shows several children involved in different sports describing how the behaviour of parents and spectators deteriorates when they wear their ‘magic sports kit’ – that is, when they compete.
The young people talk about a range of bad adult behaviours and how these negatively affect them. They then describe and promote positive behaviour.

These short clips for parents look at how they can help young people play and achieve to the best of their ability. They’re excerpts from a longer interview with Dr Camilla Knight titled ‘Positive sports parents – valuing their contribution’.
Messages for parents of young athletes   –

When you think a child needs help, talk to us – NSPCC
Our series of posters encourage adults to contact us if they are worried about a child. When you’re worried about a child, talk to us. Whatever your concern, we can offer advice and support.

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