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School Visits

Get a visit to your school

If you’re looking for a new way to get your students active and engaged in a social, fun and engaging sport, get in touch to arrange a school visit.

What is involved in a Squash Wales school visit?

Our sessions are ideally suited for children aged 7 – 15.

There are two parts to a school visit.

Part 1: School visit using mini squash rebound nets

Part 2: We encourage the school to book a visit at the local squash club for a full squash experience. These sessions are more individualised based on the club, coach, number of courts etc and can be discussed when finalising details.

What will the students learn / do?

Part 1:

  • Pupils will learn racket skills by completing a set of drills focused on racket control.
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Individual technical skills, pupils will practice on their own learning to hit the ball against a wall consecutively to themselves
  • Cooperative technical skills hitting the ball against the wall to a partner continuously 
  • Competitive skills

Part 2:

  • The squash club visit will differ depending on the club, coach, number of courts etc.
  • A generic session will comprise of the following:
  • Pupils will begin with a warm up games (dodge ball, netball etc on a squash court)
  • Pupils will then practice specific shots and focus on squash specific movement around the court
  • Cooperative games will then follow aiming to practice the shots in the previous section
  • Pupils will play competitive half court games followed by full court games, winner stays on, king of the hill etc to finish.

How long does a session last?

Part 1:

  • A standard session last for 40 minutes.
  • Sessions can be tailored to fit class timetables.

Part 2:

  • Again, depends of the club/coach 
  • 2 hours is the standard duration of a club session with a break inbetween.

What equipment and space is required

Part 1:

  • Sessions can be conducted in a school hall, dinner hall or school sessions can be conducted in a school hall, dinner hall or school gym. Weather permitting, the class can be conducted outside on a flat, hard surface. 
  • Pupils should wear gym clothing and suitable footwear 
  • All squash equipment is provided.

Part 2:

  • The club will supply rackets, balls and protective eyewear.
  • Pupils will need to wear CLEAN, non-marking footwear when on squash courts and gym clothing.

To enquire about a session get in touch with Tomos using the email link below

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