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Wales Masters home internationals 2023 Report

16th May 2023


The Masters Home Internationals held in Cardiff in 2023 exceeded all expectations, showcasing exceptional squash talent across multiple categories. The event, featuring the Men’s Over 50s, Men’s Over 70s, and Women’s Over 50s divisions, captivated participants and spectators alike. The weekend-long competition culminated in a delightful function at Leonardo’s Hotel Cardiff, where participants celebrated with a memorable dinner and dance. This report highlights the outstanding success of the event, commending the players and organisers for their remarkable achievements.

The Masters Home Internationals in Cardiff 2023 were characterised by a high level of competitiveness and an impressive display of squash skills. The tournament took place Friday and Saturday, allowing players to engage in intense matches and demonstrate their expertise. Participants from England, Scotland, Ireland and of course Wales competed in three categories, namely the Men’s Over 50s, Men’s Over 70s, and Women’s Over 50s.

Throughout the event, players showcased their exceptional squash abilities, displaying a combination of technical prowess, strategic thinking, and physical agility. The matches were closely contested, filled with thrilling rallies and captivating moments. The competitors demonstrated not only their skills but also their unwavering sportsmanship, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and fair play.

The event concluded on a high note with a splendid function at Leonardo’s Hotel Cardiff. Participants gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the tournament, sharing camaraderie and joy. The evening featured a delightful dinner, complemented by a vibrant dance that allowed everyone to unwind and revel in the success of the Masters Home Internationals.

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