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Rhiwbina A Triumphs in Round 4 of the Squash Wales Junior League

4th October 2023


On Sunday, October 1st, the Newport Squash Club played host to Round 4 of the Squash Wales Junior League. The event witnessed an impressive turnout of 9 teams, including players from Newport, Merthyr, Cardiff, Rhiwbina, and the debutantes, Abergavenny. This exciting morning showcased the competitive spirit and dedication of local junior squash players as they embarked on their squash journey. With each player participating in four matches for their respective teams, the event was an outstanding display of youthful talent. In the end, Rhiwbina A emerged as the champions, closely followed by Merthyr A in the runner-up position.

A Platform for Aspiring Squash Stars

The Squash Wales Junior League is more than just a competition; it’s a platform for young squash enthusiasts to hone their skills, gain valuable experience, and kindle their passion for the sport. Round 4 at Newport Squash Club was a testament to this ethos, as players ranging in age and experience levels came together to compete and learn.

The participating teams, hailing from various regions of Wales, showcased their commitment to promoting squash among the younger generation. With the inclusion of debutantes Abergavenny, the league continues to grow, attracting new talent and expanding its reach to aspiring players from different communities.

Highly Competitive Matches

The heart of any squash league lies in the thrill of competitive matches, and Round 4 did not disappoint. The players exhibited remarkable sportsmanship and determination, regardless of the outcomes. Each participant played four matches, a true test of skill and endurance. It was inspiring to witness these young athletes push their limits and showcase their talent.

Rivalries were formed and renewed as Newport, Merthyr, Cardiff, Rhiwbina, and Abergavenny went head-to-head. Every point earned and every rally won represented not only individual achievement but also the collective spirit of their respective teams.

Rhiwbina A Takes the Title

Amidst the intense competition, Rhiwbina A emerged as the victors, claiming the top spot in Round 4 of the Squash Wales Junior League. Their success was a testament to their dedication and teamwork, highlighting the importance of unity and camaraderie in team sports.

Merthyr A secured the second position, proving that they were a formidable force to be reckoned with. Abergavenny also made a highly commendable debut, securing the third place, which bodes well for the future and demonstrates their potential as a rising force in the league.

The league continues to be a vital platform for nurturing squash talent among Wales’ youth and fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship. As these young players continue their squash journeys, they serve as a reminder that dedication, teamwork, and passion can lead to remarkable success on and off the squash court.

Looking ahead, Round 5 of the Squash Wales Junior League will take place at Bridgend Squash Club. We eagerly anticipate the return of Bridgend for Round 5, further enriching the league with their competitive spirit and sportsmanship. With each round, the league grows stronger, and the future of squash in Wales looks brighter than ever.  Lastly big thanks to Jason Salisbury for organising on the day and Newport Squash Club for hosting.

Greg Tippings National Performance Coach 

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