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Merthyr Rising: A Festival of Squash Success

5th March 2024


Over the weekend, Merthyr Squash Club hosted the recent South Wales Junior Open, attracting over 60 players from various clubs across Wales. The tournament showcased an impressive display of talent and sportsmanship across multiple age categories.

One notable aspect of the event was the enthusiastic participation in the younger age groups, with the introduction of the U9 mixed category proving to be a resounding success. This not only demonstrates the growing interest in squash among younger players but also points towards a promising future for the sport.

The highlight of the weekend wasn’t just the fierce competition on the courts, but also the vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and enjoyment among players, parents, coaches, and spectators alike. It was truly heartwarming to witness everyone coming together in a friendly and positive environment, united by their love for the game.

Merthyr Squash Club undoubtedly delivered a festival of squash that was enjoyed by all involved. The event’s success reflects the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in organizing and participating, and it bodes well for the continued growth and popularity of squash in the region.

South Wales Junior Open Winners/Runner Ups

Mixed Under 9s

Winner: Gwilym Drew emerged victorious in the Mixed Under 9s category, showcasing remarkable skill and determination.

Runner Up: Jac Lewis demonstrated impressive performance, securing the runner-up position in a closely contested match.


Winner: Owain Howe displayed exceptional talent in the BU11 category, claiming the championship title with finesse.

Runner Up: George Baldwin exhibited commendable skills, finishing as the runner-up in a fiercely competitive field.


Winner: Lenny Lewis demonstrated superb technique and resilience, clinching the BU13 championship title.

Runner Up: Jack Baldwin put up a valiant effort, earning the runner-up position through skillful play.


Winner: Zoe Powell exhibited outstanding prowess, claiming victory in the GU11/13 category with a stellar performance.

Runner Up: Heidi Hales showcased remarkable determination, securing the runner-up position in a highly competitive event.


Winner: Madalena Sidoli showcased exceptional talent and determination, emerging victorious in the GU15/17 category.

Runner Up: Eliza Hales displayed impressive skills, finishing as the runner-up in a closely contested match.


Winner: Hugh Padayachy demonstrated exceptional skill and strategy, claiming the BU15 championship title.

Runner Up: Thomas Fenlon exhibited remarkable resilience, securing the runner-up position in a challenging competition.

Mixed U17/19

Winner: Oliver Jones displayed exemplary performance, securing the Mixed U17/19 championship title with skill and determination.

Runner Up: Ellie Breach showcased commendable skill and sportsmanship, finishing as the runner-up in a highly competitive category.

Greg Tippings National Performance Coach 

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