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Karakal Welsh Masters Open 2023 Report

16th October 2023


Location: Sport Wales National Centre
Date: 14th & 15th October 2023
Courts: 4
Entries: Over 65 across 10 events

The Karakal Welsh Masters Open 2023 was an undeniable success, showing the strength and depth of squash talent that exists. Hosted at Sport Wales National Centre, over 65 eager players graced the courts across 10 thrilling events. As attendees and participants can attest, the atmosphere was electrifying, with every rally drawing cheers and applause.

Throughout the weekend, the squash displayed was of the highest calibre. Each game was a testament to the dedication, skill, and passion that each player brought to the court. A special commendation goes out to our most improved players based on Squash Levels rankings:

  • Kwesi Hazel: His games were a masterclass in skill and determination resulting in a 13.8% improvement over the tournament.
  • Mike Logan: A solid performer throughout the tournament, showing improvement, drive, and determination, his Squash Levels increased by 15.4% across the tournament.
  • Lynne Davies: Deserves high praise, having upped her game by a noteworthy 25%. Lynne showed resilience and flair on court, captivating those lucky enough to witness her play.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all participants, attendees, and supporters. The spirit and camaraderie witnessed over the weekend remind us of why we love this sport. Your passion and drive have left an indelible mark, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

To all our winners, congratulations on your well-deserved victories! And to our runner-ups, your dedication and talent have not gone unnoticed – we’re eager to see what you’ll bring to the courts next time.

Until the next Karakal Welsh Masters Open, keep playing, keep improving, and most importantly, keep loving the game.

See you in 2024!

Tournament Winners & Runner-Ups:

Mens O35 & O40
Winner: David Coghlan
Runner Up: Eirian Crabbe

Mens O45
Winner: Nick Hyett
Runner Up: Gary Fry

Mens O50
Winner: Richard Tailby
Runner Up: David Robertson

Mens O55
Winner: Ian Fenner-Evans
Runner Up: Neale Jones

Mens O60
Winner: Rob Reid
Runner Up: Gary Hales

Mens O65
Winner: Tom Burton
Runner Up: Ceredig Emanuel

Mens O70
Winner: Clive Morgan
Runner up: Anthony David Bevan

Mens O75
Winner: Stephen Evans
Runner Up: David Richard Grant

Womens O35 to O55
Winner: Stacey Gooding
Runner Up: Helen Margaret Barnard

Womens O65
Winner: Lynne Davies
Runner Up: Sian Margaret Johnson

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