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Get Fit, Stay Fit: The Benefits of Playing Squash

2nd February 2022

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Getting fit and staying fit by playing squash isn’t about achieving a physical aesthetic, it’s about improving your whole health, from your head to your toes. That is, developing your cardiovascular stamina, muscular strength and flexibility in an accessible environment – which all, in turn, boosts your mental health.

The accessible nature of Squash makes it fun to play from the get-go. Whether your physical activity ranges from light walker to marathon runner – there’s equipment variations and opponents to meet you where you are at.

We love that Squash attracts players of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. It’s an opportunity to connect with new friends, get the serotonin pumping, and let off some steam whilst hitting the ball around the court – come rain or shine!

So, now we’ve convinced you to rush down to your nearest courts to kick off your new fitness focus let’s look at some tips to keep you consistent & really make the most of our brilliant sport.

Support for success

Squash burns around 800 calories per hour, whilst this might not be the case if you’re just starting out – we would advise looking at our simple online training resources. These are short guides and videos on stretches and exercises to practice around your games that will improve how you play, but most importantly reduce your risk of injury.

For existing or previous Squash players, these training resources are a brilliant refresher.

Get kitted out

Whilst you don’t need to go and buy top of the range sportswear to start your squash journey, having the right equipment will help you enjoy how you play. To start with making sure you head to court in fitness wear that you can move around in freely and comfortable trainers. Your local court might even have rackets and balls for you to borrow whilst you get into the swing of things.

Ask for help

Regardless of whether you’re getting to know the sport for the first time or wanting to up your game, there’s no need to go it alone. You’ll find that fellow players at your club and their staff will be super helpful and supportive if you need some guidance, advice or a confidence boost. Working with Squash Wales registered coaches is another sure way to find your groove on court.

Rest up!

Like we said, Squash can be a pretty full-on sport when you want it to be, and we can bet you’ll be feeling it in your body for a few days afterwards. That’s not a bad thing, but make sure whatever your fitness goals are, whatever you are combining playing squash with, you take time to rest the body and regain strength – no one wants to see you injured!

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