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Eligibility To Represent Wales

Squash Wales (SQW) Selection Eligibility Criteria

  1. SQW will apply Commonwealth Games (CG), European Squash Federation (ESF) and World Squash Federation (WSF) criteria when determining eligibility for national selection.
  2. Insofar as any provision of these criteria is inconsistent with CG, ESF or WSF regulations, these provisions will take precedence.
  3. The following eligibility criteria will apply to selection based on birth, parental birth or citizenship.
  4. Eligibility by birth or parental birth – proved by production of the relevant birth certificate.
  5. Eligibility by citizenship – proved by production of a UK passport describing the player as a British Citizen or British Subject with a right of abode.
  6. SQW will welcome Junior, Senior and Masters players who wish to exercise a dual-nationality qualification to make themselves available for selection for Junior, Senior or Masters teams.
  7. Where SQW is approached by a dual-nationality player who wishes to be considered for selection for one of its squads or teams, the following eligibility criteria must be met prior to selection.
  8. For Senior and Masters players only (not Juniors), eligibility by virtue of 3 years continuous residency proved by:
    a. Production of a minimum of 3 documents from the list below which must be either original documents or copies certified by a solicitor and which documents must bear the player’s name, the address where the player resides in Wales and the start date of that residency.

    b. A statement signed by the player verifying the above documents and residency start date which statement must be endorsed with a statement of truth.

    The acceptable official documents of which a minimum of 3 are required:

    • Driver’s licence.
    • Voter registration card.
    • Lease or tenancy agreement.
    • Title deed.
    • Mortgage statement.
    • Income tax return.
    • Council tax bill.
    • Utility bill.

  9. Eligibility via 3 years residence requires continuous residency in Wales for the qualification period which the player will be required to prove by production on each anniversary of the period the same documents listed in 8 a. and b. above but with the current date.
  10. Where a player qualifies to play for Wales and prior to selection, the player must sign a SQW player commitment form, abide by its terms and achieve and maintain a Welsh ranking.
  11. Where a player achieves selection for a Welsh squad or team, the player will be expected to relinquish his or her national ranking in the country of his or her birth.
  12. Where a player is selected to play for and represents Wales in a CG, ESF or WSF recognised squash team event, the player will be unable to represent his or her country of birth or any other country for 3 years from the date of the relevant event or the last relevant team event in which he or she participates whichever is the later.

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