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Code of Conduct for Parents by the Children SAF008

Code of Conduct

The children were asked how they would like their parents to support them when they are competing, training and being coached:

Here are some of their quotes:

  • Be supportive, make sure you have food and drink ready, and give constructive criticism
  • Come to speak after every game, and support us from the balcony. Watch us, and tell us what we should work on, if the coach does it in the lesson
  • I would like my parents to watch me, but not cheering things such as ‘Come on try harder!’ and “length” I would also like them to say ‘Well done’
  • To give hints and tips on how to improve and to stay calm! To also be positive and don’t moan
  • Encourage, clap when they play a good shot, be positive
  • Pay attention, not on the mobile phone
  • Give you a chocolate bar after, and a hug!
  • Keep happy and support me, but help with some advice
  • I would like my parents to support me and cheer me on
  • Be quiet and no hand gestures
  • I wouldn’t like my mum or dad to come because it makes me rubbish
  • Do not walk away
  • I would like my father not to give me dirty looks if I do a bad shot
  • Provide transport and pay for everything!

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