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Masters Home Internationals 2024 Teams

MO45Captain – Paul Barrell
Team ConfirmedPhil Cording
By Masters ComAndrew Kettlewell
Steven Glenton
Steven Bird
MO65Captain – Ceredig Emanuel
Team ConfirmedHuw Davis
By Masters ComPaul Brennan
Mark Davies
Phil Monaghan
Richard Manners
Adrian Alderton
WO45Helen Barnard – Captain
Team ConfirmedRhian Davies
By Masters ComJill Griffiths
Clare Catto
Sally Davis
Erica Howcroft
WO65Captain – Sian Johnson
Team ConfirmedJill Campion
By Masters ComLynne Davies
MO40Captain – Ross Cassley
Team ConfirmedNic Birt
By Masters ComLloyd Forkan
Adam Evans
James Powell
David Coghlan
MO60Captain – Gary Hales
Team ConfirmedMike Logan
By Masters ComJon Evans
Simon Bourge
Ian Howarth
Kingsley Rees
WO35/40Captain – Stacey Gooding
Team ConfirmedJenny McKenna
By Masters ComGemma Davies
Rebecca Baker
Anna Adams
WO60Captain – Jill Campion
Team ConfirmedFiona Curthoys
By Masters ComSian Johnson
MO50Captain – Dave Robertson
Team ConfirmedDallas Hayvice
By Masters ComRichard Tailby
Liam Corrigan
Paul Thomas
Marcus Thomas
MO70Captain – Tony Bevan
Team ConfirmedClive Morgan
By Masters ComMartin Vicary
Kwesi Hazel
Alan James
Derek Wright
WO50Captain – Helen Barnard
Team ConfirmedRhian Davies
By Masters ComJill Griffiths
Jill Campion
Fiona Curthoys
MO35Captain – Daniel Anderson
Team ConfirmedAlexis Cole
By Masters ComSteve Colarusso
Jamie Ttophi
Damian Burgess
Dale Bradley
MO55Ian Fenner-Evans – Captain
Team ConfirmedSteve Evans
By Masters ComRichard Murohy
Mark Jones
Gary Hales
MO75Duncan Jones – Co-Captain
Team ConfirmedSteve Evans – Co – Captain
By Masters ComMike Mooney
David Grant
WO55Captain – Lynne Davies
Team ConfirmedHelen Barnard
By Masters ComSian Johnson
 Heather Charles
Jill Campion
Wendy Norris

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