Squash Wales Statement REF Rhiwbina

2nd November 2022


Squash Wales (SW) update to members and clubs regarding Rhiwbina Squash Club (RSC) withdrawal from SW Leagues.

  • RSC chose to unilaterally withdraw its 8 teams from the SW Leagues.
  • The basis for the withdrawal of teams by RSC was a complaint regarding the “Welsh qualified” rule, claiming that it is a new rule which has impacted upon RSC teams in South Wales Premier A and B. It is NOT a new rule. The rule has existed for many years without challenge and was exported across with many other provisions from the old League Constitution and Rules (LCR) into the latest LCR.
  • The updated LCR was formally approved at both the League AGM and the SW AGM.
  • During the process of withdrawing, RSC, through its Club Captain, has stated that SW is discriminatory, non-inclusive and racist.
  • The “Welsh qualified” rule is neither discriminatory, non-inclusive nor racist. Such rules are commonplace in many of the top divisions of team sport leagues in Wales.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, in any given season, the “welsh qualified rule” would only impact a maximum of 16 teams from a total 123 teams playing in Wales
  • Following the withdrawal of teams, the RSC Club Captain also approached other clubs asking them to withdraw from the SWPL in support of RSC with a view to forming a breakaway league.
  • RSC has confirmed to SW that it would like 6 teams to be re-admitted to the Leagues from Spring 2023 (The Club is dropping its “C” and “ F” teams).
  • SW considers that it is in the best interests of Welsh Squash and RSC’s members that their teams return as requested.
  • The RSC teams will be re-admitted at that time with the LM applying the LCR in terms of promotion and relegation.
  • SW has invited RSC to apologise to SW, the LM and all SW member clubs for the said words and actions and to issue a retraction of the allegations of discrimination, non-inclusivity and racism.
  • In the longer term, as confirmed at the SW AGM, SW has resolved to look at the “ Welsh qualified” rule insofar as it impacts upon current and former full-time students at Welsh higher education establishments.
  • SW would like to remind all clubs that to acquaint themselves with the LCR which contains the processes available to deal with disputes, grievances, reviews and appeals which should be followed. There is also capacity within the LCR to submit motions or changes for consideration by the League Committee.

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